Mission Statement:

The goal of Deus Machine, LLC is to provide pro-active IT services, at an affordable price, to businesses in need of costly IT services while retaining the highest level of customer satisfaction throughout the state of Oregon.

Target Market:

The target market for Deus Machine services are businesses who want to reduce the cost of using IT in their operations. Deus Machine specializes in on-call, part-time, and full-time IT staffing for businesses. Every support plan is customized to fit the specific customer and their needs.

Organizational Structure and Ownership:

Deus Machine is currently jointly owned and operated as an LLC. The company employs a full staff of qualified IT professional technicians, web developers, and sales personnel.

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Executive Summary:

Deus Machine is the IT support company of the future. In today’s highly competitive and technologically dependent economy, many businesses have lost the ability to effectively control the cost of their IT needs and services. IT services are now an intricate and necessary piece of any successful business.

With the seemingly ever increasing wages that IT professionals are able to command, it has become difficult for businesses to cost effectively staff full time IT professionals. Deus Machine gives businesses the expertise of a fulltime IT professional without the price-tag. This is achieved by partitioning highly qualified and skilled technicians to multiple customer accounts. One could best understand this concept by thinking about a time share scenario for property, but with regard to professionals.

Deus Machine goes further than today’s typical IT company by providing proactive IT support to businesses in the form of monthly equipment inspections, computer systems maintenance, software inspections, trainings, and 24/7 support. This proactive approach to IT support prevents hours of down time for our customers and is a refreshing change to the current industry standard of reactive IT.

To maintain our firm commitment to the highest level of customer service, Deus Machine permanently assigns two technicians to each customer account. This creates familiarity with customer accounts and decreases response time which is crucial during mission critical outages.

To reduce response time further, technicians are equipped with the latest remote support technologies. These technologies allow Deus Machine technicians to provide the fastest response times for IT support to our customers at any time or location.

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